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Go Off Grid 


Support Small Scale Farming

Grow with us as we return to the roots of the Earth. To the very seed of community where the soils are rich with revolution. Dig with us in your own backyard. Partner with us to regenerate your patch of grass!


Give thanks with us for the same sun that feeds all neighbours here and everywhere. Together we can reacquaint with nature as the Creator intended.

Our hope is that each new generation will be driven toward the desire to dig deep and look outward toward their communities.

Our vision is to develop a garden that blooms a thousand times. To work in harmony with Eden through organic practices, permaculture ideals and beyond. To offer our local and online communities practical how-to knowledge and learn how you can transform your own lawn into paradise. Follow along as we go from zero to homestead. Experience the journey with us as we create market valuable goods straight from the source.

Don't you love a reminder to come back to the earth? To get hands and feet in dirt is to fully feel. It resonates with the spirit and cleanses our very worries. Gather worries up in dirt and leave them for ground to devour.

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As a young child growing up on the farm with his grandmother

in Portugal, his playground was

the garden, the cow his pet. Pedro is the strong foundation reminding us to keep grounded through the soles of our feet to the soil of this earth.


Jessica Lilac

Her connection lies in the

roots of this area’s geography.

A few generations of #gardens that inspire pastoral memories

and sunset colours. 

Jessica is the dream weaver that connects

the land to the

people and the

community to the


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Pedro Pine

From The Blog


Start Here

Take the first step: Brain Dump. Gather intel, read books, frolic in the meadow, get inspired and write it all down.


Nectar Flow

The thread that connects ecosystems together and proves how deeply dependent we are on one another.


Solid Soil

Transform your health and home. From DIY herbal medicine to building materials,

Nature's has an herb for that.


Natural Herbs


Coming Soon

Dried or Pressed

Cultivated in community

Harvested with your

health in mind

Our Partners

Hawkeye Hill Partners



Resident keepers of all things small. Bees, chicks, quails and kids! These forest educators will keep you asking for more.



A beautifully balanced line of organic/wildcrafted botanical teas. Lift your spirit and your health with custom herbal blends.



Essential Oil Specialist

Purified with passion and perseverance. All good things come from on high...but also in highly concentrated little bottles.

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Katie has you covered in premium hair and skincare products, healthy skin and sexy yet comfy activewear and accessories.

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RMT & Yoga Regenerative Micro Farm:

Artisanal Meat CSA

Farmstay Cabin:

Coming Soon!

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 An experienced dog groomer offering cage free, one on one appointments in 

Wiarton, Ontario.


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