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Our Story

It started for Pedro as a young child growing up on the farm with his grandmother in Portugal. His playground, the garden, his pet, the cow. Grounded as a young child through the soles of his feet to the soil of this earth.

For Jessica, the connection lies in the roots of this area’s geography. A few generations of #gardens that bring pastoral memories and sunset colours to mind. Farm memories rich with the scent of sweet (and not so sweet) smells. Her link to the world at large is a flair for global adventures and leads to her photo blog, Culture Shock.

After Pedro and Jessica shared their pasts and said their vows, they moved to #BruceCounty with the desire to create a real home. Not just a "green house" but a #homestead that would foster good health and the growth of a family. The towns of Georgian Bay had a hold on their hearts. The close-knit communities that survive together in the now. The microclimate calling to garden goals.

Now you can join the collective desire to #regenerate the earth’s soil where you can. It’s no secret the ability to provide food for ourselves is diminishing. The mission is to preserve the heritage of the ancestors and the important life skills our societies have almost forgotten. Only forgotten until the desire for chemical-free local greens in the cold winter finally fills the heart (and belly). There is a cultural and spiritual shift taking place. A return to the transforming and preserving of natural habitat. It starts in our own backyard. And in yours.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



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